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Altitude Tree Service

Coleen L. on June 23, 2015

"They came out did an excellent job, very professional, cleaned up the branches, twigs and cut the logs for us to a great length (we wanted the wood), left the area better than what it was. I don't know if we could have made it any more challenging for them - there was a pool a couple feet away, a 6 foot pine tree about the same distance, a shed about 2 feet away and a fence that was even closer - nothing got damaged or even touched. We had estimates from other companies and the other companies said there may be some damage to the fence or shed, but when we asked him, he said it won't be touched and it didn't. They said what time they were going to come and they were actually there when they said they would too. We will definitely give out their name if we hear anybody talk about needing a tree service."

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